4 August 2010

Currently 91kg. Started at 109.7kg back in March. Go me.

9 September 2007

31 August 2007

Turkish GP and Update

So, I was mildly grumpy because when I got back from the Reading Festival I was 15 st 11 lbs which was 3 lbs off my target which was 15 st 8 lbs. But looking positively, after a month of not really trying and going nuts with beers etc at Reading I STILL managed a weight loss! So that is GOOD!

The Turkish GP weight will be 15 st 11 lbs.

Also, I weighed myself a few minutes ago and was 15 st 9.5 lbs in my undies and with a big old stir fry in my belly, so I'm STILL losing weight... especially as I ate shockingly badly yesterday but I was out all day. I suppose looking back I balanced the shocking food with the fact that I actually didn't eat that much full stop. I've just double checked it and it wasn't that bad at all. Nutritionally poor but acceptable from a pure weight loss perspective.

The next target is 15 st 5 lbs which may be a tall order but I'm going to revise the target to adjust. Yes... I know... it's moving the goal posts but if I try to lose a stone to reach 14 St 9 lbs by October I'm going to make myself ill. I'm thinking of making is a straight 15 st target. We'll see.

5 August 2007

Hungarian GP

Erm... I'm... what? Not only did I hit the target weight, I kept the momentum going and I'm still a pound ahead.

I just weighed in at 15 stone and 12 pounds. I really felt like I wasn't making much progress. I didn't go nuts and eat deep fried everything when I thought I was going to have the wobble so it seems consistency has it's rewards. I still think a wobble will come though...

So this is me OFFICIALLY under 16 stone! And I'm now wearing my belt on the third hole all the time.

And the Hungarian GP, which is traditionally boring as hell, looks to be shaping up to be all political with lots of infighting at McLaren and the Ferrari/McLaren spy row.

30 July 2007

Possible First Proper Wobble Incoming

I feel it coming... I weighed in at 16 stone 1 pound last week. Just now, a week later, I'm 16 stone 1 pound.

I must have jinxed it with my Milstones post although I'm comfortably into my next belt hole.

It's just a little wobble mind you and it's not like I've put on any weight but I need to lose 2 pounds this week to stay on track and ideally I want to lose 3 pounds but that may be too much. I'm not going to change anything I'm doing until the official weigh in on sunday.

See you there...

22 July 2007

European GP

Still ahead of schedule. I weighed in at 16 stone 1 pound so I've kept the 1 pound gap. I guess it must me being extra aware of what I'm eating because I still don't feel like I've gone "psychoness" yet.

If you watched the race you'll know they had a BIG problem with water of the falling kind. At one point six cars went of at the same place on the same lap. It was nuts!

And one thing I've tried in the last few days is drinking a lot of water if I've had a meal and I'm feeling peckish. I have a 1.5 litre jug that I fill and go through in the course of a couple of hours and it certainly fills you up. I feel it's a thing I'll do as I reach the tougher part of the weight loss.

And as I've knocked the original post off the page, here is a reminder of the targets for the rest of the season.

European GP , 22/07/07 - 16 stone 2 pounds
Hungarian GP , 05/08/07 - 15 stone 13 pounds
Turkish GP , 26/08/07 - 15 stone 8 pounds
Italian GP , 09/09/07 - 15 stone 5 pounds
Belgian GP , 16/09/07 - 15 stone 3 pounds
Japanese GP , 30/09/07 - 15 stone
Chinese GP , 07/10/07 - 14 stone 12 pounds
Brazilian GP , 21/10/07 - 14 stone 9 pounds

17 July 2007


A couple of big things have happened in the last week or so.

First one was using the next hole on my belt. That's an excellent sign and I hope to be able to use the next one by the end of this F1 challenge.

Another thing which is a bit weird is that I have just seen the scales showing 15st something... already! Granted it was after a monster sh... erm... motion we shall call it and I was in my undercra... erm... underwear but it definitely said 15st 13lbs. That's the lowest I've been since going into berserk bloater mode last November.

Second opinion required. One sec...

Yep... still the same. I'm mildly stunned... that's a 5 pound loss since last Monday. And I STILL haven't gone into diet nazi mode.

I guess the bigger you are, the easier it is to shed the pounds and I guess the challenge to come approaching the lower 15's.

12 July 2007

British GP

The weigh in was 16 stone 5 pounds. Even though I spectacularly fell off the wagon one day during the holiday in an orgy of deep fried products and ice cream.

29 June 2007

French GP

16 stone 6 pounds. Pretty good. If I mantain my weight while away I'll still be on course.

See you after Metallica.

28 June 2007

The next two weigh-ins

So, I'm off tenting in Cornwallceistershire all next week so I'm going to do a weigh in tomorrow for the French GP and another on Monday 9th July for the British GP.

It's been an up and down couple of weeks. First week was a bit hit and miss. I don't think I did amazingly well. The last night snacks seemed to sneak in. This week however has been pretty good. Because I'm going away I haven't bothered to go shopping and am having a bit of a freezer week and I haven't snacked at all. I'm guessing I'll hit the 16 stone 7 pounds target and hopefully maitain a gap. I'm not sure if it will be the 2 pounds lead from the USA GP but I have a positive feeling.

The next week will be interesting though. I have a feeling that I won't be snacking that much and while I won't be strictly dieting, I'll certainly be more mindful than usual of what I'm eating. The target is a 1 pound loss and I'll be happy if I maintain.

One other thing. I have the Metallica gig at Wembley at the end of next week and anyone who knows mosh pits and going down the front at metal gigs know the sort intense workout it is so I'll probably sweat a couple of stone off there... and yes... I'm old enough to know better ;)